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Colorado Springs is one of those cities that attract employees from all kinds of educational and work backgrounds. For teachers, the city offers a wealth of draws. There are excellent schools, beautiful and affordable homes, and a strong sense of community. The city is safe and boasts a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. It has amazing indoor amenities as well as fantastic trails, parks, and outdoor spaces to stay active and enjoy the fresh air. When it comes down to it, Colorado Springs is an exceptionally family-friendly city and working at one of its outstanding schools would be highly rewarding. If you're a teacher looking to relocate to Colorado Springs, you're in for a treat. You'll undoubtedly become an invaluable contributor to the community while enjoying all this gorgeous mountain location has to offer.

Colorado Springs School District

Colorado Springs is served by several different public school districts, each catering to a different region within the city. The following highly regarded school districts make up the city's public education system:

  • North: Academy School District 20
  • South: Widefield School District 3
  • Central: Colorado Springs School District 11
  • East: Falcon School District 49
  • South: Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8
  • Southcentral: Harrison School District 2
  • East central: James Irwin Charter Schools
  • Southwest: Cheyenne Mountain School District 12

There is also the excellent Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, a K-12 school in the Knob Hill neighborhood. In addition to these excellent public schools, Colorado Springs has three charter schools: CIVA Charter School, Cheyenne Mountain Charter Academy, and the award-winning Classical Academy. As well, the city is home to a collection of exclusive private schools, both Christian and non-denominational. These well-regarded college preparatory schools have superb reputations within the city and offer first-class academic programming and job opportunities.

Although the schools in Colorado Springs are fantastic institutions, local school districts are in need of more candidates for teaching positions. The district, like many in Colorado, is zoning in on teacher recruitment, hoping to find and keep long-term qualified employees who will bring their absolute best to the districts.

World Class Real Estate

Colorado Springs has a rich and varied real estate market, with a perfect property for just about everyone. The spectacular alpine scenery, rural landscapes, and garden-like neighborhoods make this the perfect place to raise a family or simply live your dream lifestyle. From luxury estates to simple, comfortable homes, Colorado Springs properties are surrounded by gorgeous views and inviting amenities. There are lovely, family-oriented neighborhoods close to each of the city's school districts, so getting to work will be simple and straightforward. The city has a median real estate sales price of approximately $260,000, showcasing its relative accessibility for entry-level and mid-market buyers as well as high-end ones.

Looking for a rewarding career in one of the country's most beautiful locations? Colorado Springs is the ultimate relocation destination for teachers. To learn more about real estate opportunities in this exciting city, contact Dave Kaercher of springspads.com for expert advice.

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